Used Trucks For Sale in Streetsboro, OH

Power by the truckload: Our affordable, famous-name used trucks

Would you expect to find an awesome, competitively-priced used pickup like a Ford F-150 or a RAM 1500 at a Hyundai dealer in Streetsboro? Those are exactly the kinds of amazing values we offer at Great Lakes Hyundai in our used vehicle inventory: Popular, rugged best-selling pickups at great prices you didn't see see coming. Take a look at our quality pre-owned trucks in person or online.

A used Ford F-150 pickup at Great Lakes Hyundai

Finding a value-priced Ford F-150 is not something that happens every day, unless it happens to be almost any day at Great Lakes Hyundai. We offer top quality pickups like the Ford F-150, the #1 best-selling vehicle of any kind in the whole world. When you find one here, it's backed by numbers experts who help you finance it and service specialists who keep it running like new. If that's not worth the 35-minute drive from Cleveland, OH, what is?

Buy a used RAM 1500 from us and get one of the world's top three pickups

The RAM 1500 has been earning its unstoppable reputation for years, and it's now climbed its way to a spot among the three best-selling vehicles on earth. The RAM 1500 delivers the kind of power you need to do big jobs in a big way, especially when you find something like a three-year-old RAM 1500 with the 5.7-Liter HEMI® V8, capable of giving you a mind-boggling 395 horsepower and the momentum-changing power of 410 lb-ft of torque.

Shop for a pre-owned Toyota Tacoma: The best-selling mid-size pickup

The beloved "Taco," as it's known by its legions of fans around the world, packs a lot of oomph into a mid-size body style. That's one reason it's America's most popular mid-size truck. Other good reasons for the Taco's popularity include its off-road capability, its mid-winter skills in getting you through snow, the fact that it has excellent cost-of-ownership numbers, thanks to its outstanding resale value and its excellent long-term reliability.

Toyota Tundra at a pre-owned discount at Great Lakes Hyundai

A quality used Toyota Tundra is an exceptional value among full-size pickups. With its powerful V8, Akron, OH truck owners will have plenty of towing capability yet fuel economy will reward you every day you own it. See our complete selection of used pickups online or in-person at Great Lakes Hyundai in Streetsboro, OH.