?Whether you own an Elantra, Sante Fe, Accent, Kona, or another Hyundai vehicle, you'll need to get routine service performed. Don't worry about jumping through any hoops to set up a service appointment. Contact the team at Great Lakes Hyundai or use our website to get things going.


Check Your Owner's Manual

Maybe your vehicle needs service right away. Look at your owner's manual and see what maintenance is due. The owner's manual will point out specific service best performed at a set mileage point. If you are overdue for service, don't delay any longer. You don't want to cause serious problems due to oversights.

Also, age factors into your service needs around Streetsboro, OH. For example, motor oil is best changed every six months, regardless of how much you drive the vehicle. Coolant also breaks down as it ages. If you have any questions about time-related service, ask someone in our service department for assistance.

Book an Appointment Via Our Website

We know people are busy and might not have free time during our operating hours. Scheduling an appointment on the website allows drivers to book service 24/7. On the website, indicate the make and model of your vehicle, along with the requested service. Provide details about the service in the appropriate box. Then, choose the preferred day and time. Contact our office for an additional confirmation if you wish.

Call the Office

Of course, you can call our office to schedule an appointment, too. Some Streetsboro, OH drivers prefer speaking with someone directly, and that is fine. Be ready to provide necessary information to the customer care representative.

Dropping the Car Off in Person

Some opt to come by in person and drop the vehicle off at the service department. Be aware that same-day service might not be possible depending on the problem. So, scheduling in advance might be better.

Top Service for Hyundai Drivers

The service team at our dealership in Streetsboro, OH, handles repair and service work on Hyundai models consistently. Why not bring your Hyundai here? Stop by Great Lakes Hyundai to learn more today.

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