If you are looking for the perfect vehicle for off-road adventures and trips through the city, then you will certainly enjoy riding in a Hyundai Kona with all-wheel drive. These vehicles are designed to be the perfect blend between a traditional SUV and a hatchback that's suitable for daily driving through the city, but they also come with a number of advanced features you just might find to be even more enjoyable when you head off into rougher terrains.

All-wheel drive is just one advanced safety feature included in the Hyundai Kona that will make your life a bit easier when the road ahead gets a little rougher. Along with gaining greater traction on every road under all conditions, the Hyundai Kona also comes with a multi-link suspension that maximizes the responsiveness of this off-road vehicle. In other words, this car will provide excellent handling under all conditions to give drivers in Streetsboro, OH complete control over the direction in which each one of their adventures heads.

It's not just its small stature that makes it perfect for fitting into the tightest of camping spots and its included all-wheel drive that makes this the ultimate outdoorsman SUV though. This car was designed to be as intelligent as it is rugged. Thus, you will find that it features an abundance of sophisticated technologies you can take with you no matter where life leads you.

When you are hiding out in a mountain cabin for instance, you will undoubtedly find the bitter cold on those winter nights to be quite fierce. There's no need to worry for drivers in Streetsboro, OH who own a Kona though, because these vehicles have a remote startup feature that even lets them control the interior temperature of their car from a smartphone. That way you can make your car nice and toasty for any road trip prior to getting inside.

If that's not enough, the Kona also features a wireless charging station and a heads-up display that will give you absolute control over every aspect of your vehicle. Plus, there's even an electric Kona now available so that you can take care of mother nature while enjoying her resplendent landscapes. To learn more about this highly sophisticated and versatile automobile, be sure to take a test drive here at Great Lakes Hyundai today to see what the hype surrounding the Kona is all about.

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